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Who we are:
We are a group of sober individuals from different sober 12 step fellowships…attendees come from AA, CMA, CA, NA, SCA, and Al-Anon. After seeing a need in the community, we decided to put our heads together and come up with something unique, fun, and exciting for you. Basically, we decided to carry out that part of the Serenity Prayer… “the courage to change the things we can.”

Although Queer & Sober is a sober recovery weekend, it is not sanctioned nor does Queer & Sober present itself to be officially affiliated with any 12 step organization. Our organizers and attendees come from AA, CMA, CA, NA, and Al-Anon. In the spirit of Unity and Diversity, ALL members from ALL fellowships are welcomed and invited to attend and participate with us. You may make brief announcements at meetings and pass out flyers before or after the meetings. Get the Downloadable Flyer 

We list some local area meetings on our website as a courtesy and as a reference tool for those wanting to attend meetings while they are in town.

Queer & Sober has partnered with The Stonewall Community Foundation for Non-Profit fiscal sponsorship. You may now make a 100% tax-deductible donation to NYC Queer and Sober by doing so online or by sending a check. When doing a check, please put in the check memo “NYC Queer & Sober Fund”. When doing so online, you must indicate in the “in memory/honor of” box that the fund is for NYC Queer & Sober by typing “NYC Queer & Sober” in that box.   Non-profit status, allows us to be able to get contributions and sponsorship from donors in a much easier way. We decided to become non-profit so that we have the capabilities of providing a great product and an exceptional sober experience to you… for years to come. It’s a very good thing for everyone.
To donate, click here

Currently, we are seeking donors to give what they can – aside from the general registration fee. If sobriety has been good to you and to your wallet, then give back and be good to the greater sober community as a whole.

“Money gradually became our servant and not our master. It became a means of exchanging love and service with those about us.” Page 122, The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions

Question: “Where does the money go?”
1. All registrations and donations help cover costs of Queer & Sober.
2. The money goes into a fund that makes us have the ability to offer a Scholarship option to those that truly need it.
3. A percentage is split evenly down the middle and is offered as a donation to the General Service Offices of both AA and CMA.
4. It is then allocated for additional Queer & Sober health & wellness programing, activities, and events that take place all year long.

If you would like to get involved, get connected, and be of service… please Contact Us.

Questions and Answers about The Mister Sobriety Show:

Q: How can I or my friend become Mr. Sobriety?
A: Home Groups from anywhere can nominate their bravest and most willing members.
A: Or you or your friend can just nominate yourselves!
TO DO IT, EMAIL: mr.sobriety@nycqueerandsober.org

Q: Do I have to be a supermodel to compete?
A: No. Anyone can participate! There is a swimsuit category, though. So if you like yourself… and you like yourself in a cute bathing suit… Step on up! No one is ever turned away.

Q: Is this an appropriate display of humility and of the principles I have worked so hard to learn?
A: NOPE! It’s totally Tongue and Cheek and FAR from appropriate!

Q: What are my yearly duties if I were crowned Mr. Sobriety 2012?
A: On Pride weekend, you will be expected to march proudly with your new sash down 5th Avenue with our group during the Pride Parade and to greet guests as they board The Closing Cruise. The rest of the year, you and your sponsor will be working hard to bring you and your giant EGO back down to planet Earth!

Q: Is this a men’s only event?
A: No. We will have a woman judge on the panel along with two other judges. There are also lot’s of women working to support the event and in the audience.

Q: Can anyone come to the show to support and shout for me?
A: YES! Anyone sober and any supportive friends can come. All fellowships are welcome to join in on the fun! The judges will base their decisions partly on how loud the crowd is. So BRING IT!

Q: Ok, so I just have to wear a swimsuit? That’s it?!
A: Kinda. In addition to the swimsuit competition, there will also be an evening wear and interview portion. Think just like the Miss U.S.A. pageant! Evening wear is whatever you’d wear out for a fun night out on the town. And don’t worry… the interview questions will have nothing to do with Iraq or maps!

Q: Can I get naked and show the audience my junk?
A: NO. You may not. Stay covered and keep it clean. Showing your junk or your crack to the crowd will result in disqualification.


The Managing Directors of Queer & Sober are:

Pete H., David C., Keith B., and Christian P.

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